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Whether you are just opening your business or need to refresh a design that has simply grown old over the years, we provide fast, professional and stress-free implementation.

Here are the services we provide, among others:

LOGO is one of the most important elements of a company’s visual communication. You will probably place the logo on all your company materials, website, vehicles, documents or company gadgets. Replacing a logo in the future or making corrections to it will cost you a lot of money. So it is worth doing it correctly.

BUSINESS CARDS are a basic tool in building relations with clients and contractors.

FLYERS are one of the more widespread forms of direct advertising that has been with us for years.

We will prepare for you projects of high standard and quick realization time! if you need a project for other things, don’t hesitate – write to us

Website Design

If we want our company to be present on the Internet, we decide to create a website. This is not the only decision we have to make in this respect.  Another one is the type of website.  Each will fulfil a different function.


The specificity of promotional websites is their unique design and creativity. Their purpose is to present a product or service in a way that makes it stand out from the competition.


Their purpose is to present the image of a person, brand or event.

It works well in projects where the amount of information needed to provide the user is small. They contain contact information or a general offer of the company. Sometimes sufficient for some entrepreneurs, mainly local and small-scale.


A company website is nowadays a real “must have” for almost every enterprise. The main purpose of a website of this type is to present the company and its offer. Thanks to it, customers can easily find all the information they need, which positively influences brand loyalty and sales. Such a website is also the basis of e-marketing, allowing you to attract new customers.


A blog is an online diary for thoughts, articles, stories, recipes and more, and is great for influencers. Most personal blogs, or blogs run by influencers, take a fairly simple form: they mainly contain posts (often categorised), an “about me” section and a comments section (or a “collaboration” tab).


Landing page (landing page) is a simple page, most often of onepage type – they have very important function, they are used for special actions e.g. competition, advertising campaigns. They are not extensive and the content is supposed to encourage the user to take action.


This type of website has a mainly informative and educational function. The key to a portal’s success is the ability to sort and deliver information to the user in an appropriate manner. The trick is to make it stable, flexible and secure.


This is a website whose main objective is to sell goods over the Internet. It can be compared to a virtual catalogue where we place an order. Usually online shops contain some elements of a typical company website (for example, information about the company and contact details), but they focus mainly on the presentation of goods and enabling their easy purchase.

Hosting, Emails, SSL

Hosting is the provision of space (for photos, texts, videos, emails) on a computer connected to the internet (called a server).
A website must be hosted by a server.

Sometimes people already have their own server. You should be aware that if the website is hosted in a place where the agency does not have permanent access, quick reaction in case of problems and the stability of the solution may be hindered. We therefore highly recommend the use of our hosting.

When you buy hosting from us you always get an SSL Certificate as a gift!

SSL Certificate is a protocol enabling encryption of information stream, which runs between the user of a website and the server of that website. It guarantees that the transmitted data are safe and confidential.

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